Featured Painting

Featured Painting: Tunnel II (diptych)

The paintings titled 2nd Street Tunnel I and II depict the historic Los Angeles landmark. Like the Ashcan School, and the French Realist painters before them, I want to convey a straightforward and objective vision of the world I see. Both paintings assume the point of view from within the[…]

Featured Painting: Haircut

The period of time after graduation from school was filled with transition and reflection. I had recently moved to a different part of town and was getting acquainted with a new community. I turned towards my immediate surroundings for inspiration. I often think about how we end up where we[…]

9 x 12 inches

Know Your Audience

First Painting of New Series Completed Returning to a Subject With a Fresh Perspective Previously explored nearly a decade earlier, I am compelled to continue with this project as a new series of paintings that involves the reversal; the turning of the gaze upon itself.  A chance encounter reveals a cross section of American[…]

Frank Ryan artist

Featured Painting: Tunnel

This is a painting of the Second Street Tunnel in Los Angeles. It is often used in Hollywood movies and commercials because of the dizzying patterns of light created by its reflective tiled interior. This painting is meant to embody my experience of being in that transitional space and to suggest[…]