Learning From the Masters

During long periods between painting sessions, I often return to drawing to keep my chops up. I have been visiting the Norton Simon Museum to draw directly from Rembrandt, Moroni, Courbet, Manet, Frans Hals and Ingres. It is an invaluable educational experience that I hope to share with my students. Technology has expanded[…]

New Work: Summer 2016

Currently in the studio, I am making progress on a new series of paintings of movie theater audiences. These paintings are based on snap shots taken during the screening of movies in various theater locations in Los Angeles. My flash photograph interrupts the possibility of a passive viewing experience and confronts[…]

Frank Ryan Drawing from the Cast

Drawing from the Cast

  I recently landed a part time position at Cal State Fullerton teaching a course on constructive anatomy. Painting and Drawing the Head and Hands is an upper division life drawing course dedicated to the specific study of the most expressive elements of the human body. My syllabus integrates elements[…]

Featured Painting: Tunnel II (diptych)

The paintings titled 2nd Street Tunnel I and II depict the historic Los Angeles landmark. Like the Ashcan School, and the French Realist painters before them, I want to convey a straightforward and objective vision of the world I see. Both paintings assume the point of view from within the[…]

La Biennale di Venezia Official Collateral Event

I have been invited to participate in an exciting exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015. We Must Risk Delight: Twenty Artists from Los Angeles is curated by Elizabeta Betinski, founder of bardoLA, a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. As an official Collateral Event of the Venice Biennale, the exhibition is slated to open to the[…]

Orange County Museum of Art: Recent Acquisitions

    I am proud to announce that two of my paintings are now a part of the Orange County Museum of Art’s permanent collection. As soon as I have any more information, I’ll update this post. Recently, I have returned to the subject of movie theater audiences for a new series[…]

Frank Ryan Painter

On Reworking a Painting

Sometimes I want a painting to be finished, but it just isn’t resolved. This can happen for any number of reasons: a blind spot develops in perception willingness to settle for a less than desired outcome laziness and creative block feeling rushed by pressing deadlines dulling of a clear idea a demand[…]

Featured Painting: Haircut

The period of time after graduation from school was filled with transition and reflection. I had recently moved to a different part of town and was getting acquainted with a new community. I turned towards my immediate surroundings for inspiration. I often think about how we end up where we[…]

9 x 12 inches

Know Your Audience

First Painting of New Series Completed Returning to a Subject With a Fresh Perspective Previously explored nearly a decade earlier, I am compelled to continue with this project as a new series of paintings that involves the reversal; the turning of the gaze upon itself.  A chance encounter reveals a cross section of American[…]

Frank Ryan artist

Featured Painting: Tunnel

This is a painting of the Second Street Tunnel in Los Angeles. It is often used in Hollywood movies and commercials because of the dizzying patterns of light created by its reflective tiled interior. This painting is meant to embody my experience of being in that transitional space and to suggest[…]