Featured Painting: Tunnel II (diptych)

Frank Ryan painting

Tunnel (diptych)
oil on linen
90 x 144 inches

The paintings titled 2nd Street Tunnel I and II depict the historic Los Angeles landmark. Like the Ashcan School, and the French Realist painters before them, I want to convey a straightforward and objective vision of the world I see.

Both paintings assume the point of view from within the tunnel looking outward, as if swallowed whole. They embody my experience of being in that transitional space and suggest its psychological dimension.

Tunnel II (diptych): A singular image of the Tunnel is fractured, hinging on a gap between the two panels, a literal boundary that divides a liminal space.  A scotoma in the pictorial field, this void is meant to trigger a gestalt effect that reunites the picture. I want to make the associative leap between pictorial convention and the physiognomy of stereopsis.