9 x 12 inches

Know Your Audience

First Painting of New Series Completed

Returning to a Subject With a Fresh Perspective

Frank Ryan Painting

Untitled (Movie Theater)
oil on canvas
72 x 96 inches

Frank Ryan Artist

Audience (Transformers)
oil on linen
45 x 60 inches

Previously explored nearly a decade earlier, I am compelled to continue with this project as a new series of paintings that involves the reversal; the turning of the gaze upon itself.  A chance encounter reveals a cross section of American life, capturing a diversity of individuals bound together by a common interest;  immersive entertainment.

I confront a movie theater full of people mesmerized by a spectacle, and interrupt the suspension of disbelief with the flash of my camera.  This disruption momentarily  agitates the audience from a fictive experience to the reality of their vulnerable passivity. Irked and irritated, they soon return to a temporary state of hypnosis.