Featured Painting: Haircut

The period of time after graduation from school was filled with transition and reflection. I had recently moved to a different part of town and was getting acquainted with a new community. I turned towards my immediate surroundings for inspiration. I often think about how we end up where we[…]

Frank Ryan artist

Drawing as a Daily Practice

Drawing the human figure from observation is extremely challenging. Many do not get enough opportunity in school or in their praxis to experience the benefits of extensive study of the human form. Life drawing groups can be difficult to organize, models can be expensive. But I always happen to be[…]

9 x 12 inches

Know Your Audience

First Painting of New Series Completed Returning to a Subject With a Fresh Perspective Previously explored nearly a decade earlier, I am compelled to continue with this project as a new series of paintings that involves the reversal; the turning of the gaze upon itself.  A chance encounter reveals a cross section of American[…]

Frank Ryan artist

Featured Painting: Tunnel

This is a painting of the Second Street Tunnel in Los Angeles. It is often used in Hollywood movies and commercials because of the dizzying patterns of light created by its reflective tiled interior. This painting is meant to embody my experience of being in that transitional space and to suggest[…]

Phantom II Production Complete

Frank Ryan’s second bronze sculpture, Phantom II, will be on view at Sonoma State University August 18, 2014 – October 31, 2014 as part of his latest exhibition, CLOAK: Iterations of a Draped Figure. The show will include several other sculptures, as well as a series of clay wash drawings. The artist’s[…]