SFGate: Art Collection to Open with Levi’s Stadium

From the SFGate blog: “Two hundred pieces of original art, ranging from metal sculptures to oil paintings, have been commissioned for the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. Twenty-three artists, mostly from California, have been commissioned to make the art.  To see samples, click Art Collection at Levi’s Stadium.   These original[…]

Series of Clay Wash Drawings

  Current exercises in observational drawing explore the dynamics of a simple form rearranged. Frank Ryan’s new series of clay wash drawings document the iterations of a canvas drop cloth positioned against a studio wall. They will be exhibited at Sonoma State University, Ryan’s Alma Mater, in mid August.  […]

Artist’s Statement: “Phantom”

In the Fall of 2013, I attended the Chalk Hill Artist Residency. While there, I had the time and the space to explore this sculptural project.  Phantom examines the duration of memory, which is a concept I often explore in my paintings. On the ranch at Chalk Hill, I constructed a[…]

Frank Ryan Artist

New Bronze Installed at Winery

Frank Ryan’s first bronze, Phantom, was  installed today at the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa. Phantom is the first completed piece of a series of fabric and wax sculptures made at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, CA. The artist applied a beeswax patina on site and poured sea water collected from[…]

Commission for the Art Collection at Levi’s Stadium Completed

Last year, Frank Ryan was commissioned by Sports & the Arts (SATA) to create five paintings for the Art Collection at Levi’s Stadium. He chose to paint unique perspectives of familiar San Francisco landscapes, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and Candlestick Park. The pieces are completed and have been delivered for installation.[…]

Frank Ryan Artist

Solo Exhibition: Liminal View

  Frank Ryan: Liminal View Walter Maciel Gallery November 2- December 21, 2013   In this body of work, Ryan reflects on a transitional period of time. Liminal View examines the state of being in-between and perpetual becoming. Most of the paintings depict subjects that are literally transitional spaces, meant to suggest both[…]

Chalk Hill Artist in Residence

Frank Ryan: October During his time at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency, Ryan will be exploring a new sculpture project and completing paintings for his upcoming exhibition. He looks forward to discussing his work with the Chanate Hall Art Group.